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This company is 100% held by Soares da Costa Contractor Inc. Founded in 2004 it aims at executing contracts for program management and construction management services.
It benefits of the important background and know-how built along the years by Soares da Costa Contractor Inc. primarily in the area of education. In 2005, Gaia Contracting has achieved a turnover superior to
2.5 million dollars US, through its mother-company and other Group companies. It is expected to surpass 3.5 million dollars US in 2006.

Gaia Contracting & Construction Management Services, LLC
7270 NW 12th Street, Suite 100
Miami, Florida 33126
Tel: 305 592 9399
Fax: 305 718 8793
Website: www.soaresdacostausa.com/gaia

President: Darlene Roman-Rossy

Vice-President: Peter de la Horra

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