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In June 2002, Soares Da Costa Contractor Inc. created a partnership with a local contractor (Soares Da Costa – 60%; local contractor– 40%), thus creating Porto Construction Group LLC. This is a limited responsibility company, mainly geared at providing the structural shell for projects. It mainly targets the building housing and commercial market in southern Florida (generally as a sub-contractor). In recent years, Soares Da Costa Contractor Inc., through Porto Construction Group, Llc. has gained an increasingly important role in this market segment, which has become very strong with the increase on housing construction demand. These factors have clearly contributed to the strengthening of Porto Construction Group Llc. in the local market.
In the beginning of 2005, this company has been placed in the scope of the recently created Soares Da Costa America Inc. On that same year it has achieved a 12 million dollars US in sales. It is expected to exceed a 16 million dollars US in sales for 2006.

Porto Construction Group LLC
7270 NW 12th Street, Suite 207
Miami, Florida 33126
Tel: 305 468 9114
Fax: 305 468 9532
Website: www.portoconstruction.com
E-mail: nhollander@portoconstruction.com

Chief Executive Officer: Antonio Miranda Esteves
Contact: Neida Hollander

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