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Founded in the third quarter of 2002 by Soares Da Costa Contractor Inc., as a partnership with a local contractor (Soares Da Costa – 60%; local contractor– 40%), Soares Da Costa Construction Services (CS), LLC’s target market is the whole of the State of Florida, as well as other States.
In the beginning of 2005 it was transferred to Soares Da Costa America Inc.
Its main scope is the execution of general contracting using a Construction Manager approach. In 2005 it has achieved a 60 million Euro turnover. It is expected to accomplish over 83 million dollars US in 2006, as a result of a “Cost Plus Fee with/without a GMP” contract policy with a value superior to 160 million dollars US.

Soares Da Costa Construction Services LLC
18001 Old Cutler Road, Suite 560
Miami, Florida 33157 USA
Tel: (305) 234 2054
Fax: (305) 2342065
Website: www.sdc-cs.com
E-mail: aesteves@sdc-cs.com

Chief Executive Officer: Antonio Miranda Esteves

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